CLI for GLAM: a Bash Workshop for Absolute Beginners

Thursday, May 5 | 8 am – 12 noon | Conference Hotel

Getting started with the command line can be tough! Many archivists never have a reason to use it… until they do, when they need to use digital archiving tools which run in the terminal. That isn’t exactly a gentle introduction, and task-specific experience doesn’t always translate into confidence with the command line interface. Moreover, support for those tools often assumes a level of familiarity with the command line which users simply may not have, and may find it difficult to acquire. That’s where this workshop comes in.

Blending theory and practice, this workshop gives absolute beginners a chance to gain understanding, competence, and confidence using the command line. It will cover foundational concepts like what the command line interface is and how commands are structured before moving to hands-on exercises, working in Bash to develop portable, extensible skills, starting with tasks familiar from the graphical user interface (GUI). Building on those foundations, participants will learn how to read error messages, use the core utilities, and build complex command statements to perform tasks which the GUI doesn’t support. Finally, learners will have the chance to call programs and use them to read, edit, and create files, all from within the command line interface.
If the command line interface seems intimidating, arcane, or dangerously intriguing, this is the workshop for you.

Who should attend?
Absolute beginners to the command line and those curious to know more about the fundamentals of the interface. While intermediate users or those with task-specific experience may gain some useful insight from the overview and exercise portions, experienced terminal-application users and command line veterans are unlikely to gain any benefit from this workshop.

What should you know already?
No command line experience necessary. Participants should bring a laptop: Windows users will download GitBash, Mac users can use the native terminal.

Instructor: A. L. Carson, Iowa State University
Cost: $50
Enrollment: Limited to 20 participants

You can sign up for the workshop during the online registration process for MAC 2022.

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