DEI / Intersectional Accessibility

Thursday, May 5 | 8 am – 12 noon | Conference hotel

This workshop will give participants a greater understanding of the intersectional nature of successful DEI efforts. Through real world scenarios session attendees will learn how to create a more inclusive environment utilizing a variety of simple tools and skills. We will cover everything from normalizing identity markers and creating an inclusive environment to solutions to typical, real-world, situations. There will be ample time throughout the workshop for questions and group discussions, including opportunities to ask questions anonymously.

  • Part 1
    • Introductions
    • Terms discussion
    • Markers
  • Part 2
    • Intersectionality
  • Part 3
    • Unconscious bias
  • Part 4
    • Bringing it all together
    • Questions you’ve always wanted to ask

Who should attend?
Anyone interested in engaging with intersectional DEI and learning how to incorporate small changes to make a more inclusive archival environment.

What should you know already?
Nothing! This workshop is designed for everyone; let’s learn together.

Instructor: Michelle Ganz, History Factory
Cost: $50
Enrollment: 30

You can sign up for the workshop during the online registration process for MAC 2022.

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