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Coffee Spots

Photo Credit: UW Archives

First things first – where’s the coffee? 

Whether it’s your morning routine or a mid-afternoon cuppa, grabbing some coffee during MAC is probably on your list. Of course, you can find solid offerings at the Concourse Hotel’s in-house Starbucks, but here are a few walkable places that have a bit more local flavor. 

Heading north from the Concourse and circling the Capital Square in a clockwise direction (which is opposite from the Saturday Farmer’s Market flow, so be mindful), you’ll find:

Bradbury’s Coffee

Photo Credit: Bradbury’s Coffee

Impeccable coffee and absolutely fantastic crepes. This is an A+ way to start your day.

Gotham Bagels

Photo Credit: Gotham Bagels

Ok, the coffee is good, but it’s not the reason you came here. If you want a perfect New York bagel, this is the place!


Photo Credit: Colectivo

This Milwaukee-based chain is a lively stop as you stroll around the Square.

Ancora Cafe

Photo Credit: Ancora Cafe

This long-standing Madison coffee roaster knows how to make you feel at home with great coffee and food offerings.


Photo Credit: Wonderstate

A relative newcomer to the neighborhood, Wonderstate roasts their beans on 100% solar power in rural Wisconsin while working towards a sustainable and just coffee industry.

Barriques Cafe

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

Located in a beautiful, historic hotel, Barriques satisfies with solid food, coffee, and in the evening, wine & beer.

Michelangelo’s Coffeehouse

Photo Credit: Michelangelo’s Coffeehouse

Michelangelo’s is where UW students, Madison hippies, and political movers & shakers all mingle. The tempting pastry case and art-covered walls invite you to settle in and enjoy.

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