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Lunch Spots

Catching lunch near the Concourse Hotel during MAC can be a great way to sample some tasty and unique cuisine! You can find delicious, quick, reasonably priced options in nearly any direction. This post will focus on State Street, which boasts restaurants and shopping galore! A few suggestions from the Madison team:

They do one thing and they do it well: pasties. You want to fill your tum on meat, bread, and potatoes? Of course you do! 
Corner of State & W. Mifflin

Ian’s Pizza
Stop in for a slice of world famous pizza! Stick with the standards or branch out to something more unique. Ian’s has been a long-time local favorite, but catapulted onto a bigger stage when they started supporting Stop Act 10 protesters in 2011 by handing out pizza. Check out more history here.
Near corner of State & N. Carroll

Need an unfussy, sit-down lunch? Come to Nick’s where you may run into local and touring performers from several nearby live venues. Nice diner food with decent vegetarian options in a mid-century setting.
State between Dayton & Johnson

Taiwan Little Eats
Tasty and fresh Taiwanese-style street food and delicious teas. Take out or eat in.
State between Johnson & Gorham

Bonus suggestions:

On the same block as Taiwan Little Eats are three other great lunch spots to choose from. Let your stomach guide you!

Parthenon Gyros
Himal Chuli
Ru Yi Hand-Pulled Noodles

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